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Coupal Wraps up 2017 PWC Season


That's checkers on my rookie season driving the MPC #009 Audi RS3 LMS!  And what a way to finish - driving the beautiful new Bilstein Shock livery.   8th place overall in the TC class and looking forward to what the 2018 season will bring!   Check out Bilstein on Facebook for more pics of the Bilstein #009 at MRLS

Check out the Bilstein #009 Audi at SEMA Show in Las Vegas Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, 2017 on display in Booth #23057.  Or get a sneak peek here: https://youtu.be/RNASjSUJGyM!




Important minute markers

0:48- WKA Karting

2:08 - "Um, Wow" - Skip Barber

4:38 - SCCA Championships and "The Leap" 

5:24 - A Quick Word

7:15 - Radio Le Mans Interview

10:15 - "The Least Millenial, Millenial"

12:24 - SEAT Leon Cupra and 24 Hour Endurance

14:13 - What's Next?


Where it all started: Karting

My career began in 2011 racing at a local kart track in Avon, NY.

More about karting

Rookie Season: Spec Miata

In my rookie season, I won four championships.

Spec Miata Details

2017: 24 Hours of Dubai

My first international racing adventure took place in January of 2017.

24 Hours Explained


Next: Pirelli World Challenge

The 2017 season will see me taking on the Pirelli World Challenge TC class.

The Excitement Builds

About Me

Racing has been my passion since I was old enough to have one. It started with a general affinity for street cars; going to car shows and races at Watkins Glen countless times before I hit double digits. It’s safe to say that these early experiences instilled in me an unshakeable desire to be involved in racing, especially to be a race car driver. 

I started out as many successful drivers have; at my local karting track. At 13, I expanded into the WKA National road racing series, where I won two championships in my debut season. This experience proved invaluable to me when I spent a year taking Skip Barber classes to hone my skills in preparation for a potential racing career. I tried both sports and formula cars, and while I was quite capable in both, I chose to pursue the sports car route. 

When I'm not driving, I love to watch English Premier League soccer, and am an avid supporter of our local USL soccer team, the Rochester Rhinos. 

I am also very passionate about travel and exploration of places and cultures (usually visiting car museums as well!), US and European history, and marine biology, specifically ethology. I enjoy writing about everything from racing and cars, to fiction, as well as biology having created a taxonomical study of the Malawi cichlid for a recent school project.

I currently volunteer locally in the Ontario County Youth Court system and intend to pursue a Journalism major in college.

Some Fast Facts:

Favorite Author – Sandy Mitchell (science fiction)

Favorite Book – Islands: Beyond the Horizon

My Favorite Track(s) – Watkins Glen, Imola

Favorite Part of a Racecar – The tires

Favorite Color - Orange

Current Daily Driver – VW Golf GTI

Favorite Food – Authentic Cannoli

Driver Coaching

Let's go fast together!


Our approach relies upon your current level of driving proficiency. If you’re already experienced, then we may skip straight to working with data analysis to reduce your lap times by those crucial few tenths of a second.

Steps to Success

My success was based on learning to walk before you run. Many drivers want to have blisteringly fast lap times straight out of the box. This is not only unrealistic but also extremely unsafe.


Ultimately, the goal isn’t to have you do a better lap time than everyone else at the track. The goal is to teach you how you can teach yourself later. While I may have given you a wealth of track knowledge and an improved lap time


Thank you for your support.

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